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Roleplayers Of Sunrunner
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Welcome to the Star Wars Galaxies Sunrunner Roleplayers' Portal

Welcome to the Star Wars Galaxies Sunrunner Roleplayers' Portal

This site is dedicated to ALL of the roleplayers of Star Wars Galaxies Sunrunner and is a non-factional, all inclusive site for roleplayers playing on our server.  It has over 300+ registered users and the community has been around since 2003, on the ezboard (Original Sunrunner Roleplayers' Site). It doesn’t cost anything to join. The website has always been funded by roleplayers from the community and is currently paid for by Wiberg.

 “RoS” is the hub of roleplay communication and we make allies with the websites that represent groups in the community. This is invaluable in helping us share forums, news, events and actually reaching out to different communities. People that visit the forums can network, buy / sell goods, share stories, advertise an event or just get to know the characters and players of the Roleplayers of Sunrunner.

New Poll Up

Kyr'Yxus, Mar 17, 11 4:57 PM.
Something I am VERY curious about... if you lurk around here stop by the Voting section and check it out!

Bringing the community back

Wiberg, Nov 22, 10 3:59 PM.

We're Baaaaaaack in Buuuuusiness!


That's right folks. ROS is back up and running, and I now have the ultimate power here again. Yes, really!


Okay, first of all, I know you're all out there. I can see you logging in. So apparently The Sunrunner Experience still lingers in your minds. Well, the server is still up and running, we're still roleplaying and some of the old faces are still around. Rhythm, Nie'li, Corm, Jani, Salkazza...

On top of that we now have chronicles, we have Rare loot system, we have space, multiple vehicles, they fixed force-sliding, shuttle waits are down to 60 seconds, perma death for jedi is gone, we no longer have corpse runs, you can no longer camp under water.... so many fixes and good things.

As for the current Sunrunnerians. Guys. It's time to come together, talk, chat, promote your group and meet and talk to your neighboor.

i'm looking forward to seeing you all post up here again. The site has been silent too long and I will not sit, nor stand, for it!

Star Wars Galaxies: The Official Star Wars Galaxies™ Facebook Page is LIVE!

Morri'gan, Dec 21, 09 12:23 PM.

Posted by Draakull

The Official Star Wars Galaxies™ Page!


We’re excited to announce that The Official Star Wars Galaxies™ Page is now live on Facebook! We love having an additional place where we can interact with our fans and share information about the game. I’d encourage you to get on and become a fan (link)… it could prove to be very rewarding.


Become a Fan now!

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